The Brand
San Leucio Silk

The Brand

The San Leucio Silk brand was established in 2016 by the Caserta Chamber of Commerce to enhance while protecting its specific features, the prestigious silk tradition of the Bourbon Royal Colony and the production system that still renews its experience today.

An exclusive brand with a binding ethical component: it protects the consumer on the quality of the product and on respect for the work environment and the territory.

In this project, the Chamber of Commerce, which owns the brand, supports all the companies that market the products made, even internationally. The added value for the companies that adhere to the brand today represents the prestige of belonging to the territory and the more than one-hundred-year history linked to the ancient silk art of San Leucio.

An ancient story
with a modern plot




The historical origins of Caserta silk art date back to 1789, when King Ferdinand IV, King of Naples and later King of the Two Sicilies, transformed the Belvedere of San Leucio from a luxuriant hunting reserve - located a few kilometres from the Royal Palace of Caserta - into place exclusive, in a social and productive experiment of great historical importance by setting up the Real Colonia della Seta.

This is the story of an authentic Italian “family affair”, which gives way to a fine and prestigious tradition.


The manufacture survived the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Savoy domination and, albeit with very different characteristics, continues today to keep alive a distant and precious tradition, which has spread worldwide.

The silk orders came from all over Europe. Even today, productions of San Leucio can be found in the Vatican, at the Quirinale, in many other period residences in Europe and the Oval Office of the White House: the flags of the latter and those of Buckingham Palace are made with this precious tissue.